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Film Tax Relief Loans

FTR Advance Funding is available to businesses big & small who meet a minimum criteria.

FTR loans

What is the Film and TV tax relief (FTR)?

UK Film Tax Relief is a scheme available to British movies independent of budget. On the basis of FTR, the production company is eligible to claim a tax relief of up to 25% of their qualifying expenditure in the UK.

The films that qualify must be British by the definition laid of by the British Film Institute. To find out if the film you have created or are planning to create falls within that definition, you can take the BFI’s Culture Test.

There is no cap on the total amount that can be claimed, but production companies need to make sure that at least 10% of expenditure happened in the UK. At the same time, FTR is capped at the lower of either 80% of core expenditure or the total expenditure that has happened in the UK.

What is an FTR loan?

Fundsquire Advance Funding is a loan facility taken out against a company’s future Film and TV tax credit inflows. This financing option can be accessed up to half a year early. Talk to us about eligibility.

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