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We can offer a smarter way for you to grow your career too. We’re growing quickly across Australia, the UK and Canada and we are looking for like-minded people to join us.

Fundsquire - Growth

What we stand for.

Our people; our team, partners and customers are ready for growth. We believe this looks a lot like being curious and open minded. This allows us to adapt to change, while we enjoy a balanced relationship with our work.

Working at Fundsquire.

We’re growing fast so we need to hire people that are adaptive, curious and balanced to help us and our customers grow. We’re geographically spread out, but we think of ourselves as one team – this means we need to work flexibly to support each other and get work done.

Fundsquire - Eligible

Fundsquire values.

We’re intentional when it comes to our values and culture. Working in an industry that changes as fast as ours means that we use our core values to guide our decision making and how we work together with our team, partners and customers.

People first

We are curious, adaptable and balanced. We understand that our business and our clients’ are powered by people, so we learn as much as we can so we work effectively and empathetically.

Define it, deliver it

Our words match our actions and we take our commitments pretty seriously. We push in, even when things are difficult or complex. We make sure we are clear on what needs to be achieved and then set a path to make sure it gets done.

Good to great

We turn ideas into solutions that improve quality, speed and scale to make sure we lead the market. We integrate great ideas because every one of us has a part to play in improving the big and the small things.

Real time trust

We build trust, real time. We increase clarity every step of the way by being honest, accurate and transparent. We believe that when we give this out, we get it back in return.

Our values cover it all.

They help us get clear on how we show up with our team, partners and customers. These values work together to make our (and your) leadership possible. When the end game isn’t 100% clear our values help us invest our energy in the right things so we can adapt quickly.

Some of the perks.

Work from home or co-working spaces

Flexible working hours

Development budget professional + personal

Audible subscription

2 extra leave days per year

‘Funsquire’ social events

Open roles.


Our Team

Damien Petty

Founder & CEO

Rowan Gallagher

Managing Director – UK

Scott Spence

Managing Director – Canada

Lani Dykes

People & Culture

Alexandra Kepka

Marketing & Growth Manager

Terry Ng

Credit & Relationship Associate

Brendan Bennett

Head of Partnerships & Strategy

Kaine McNamara

Credit Analyst

andrew headshot

Andrew Pankevicius

Product & Technology Advisor

Josh Poulton

Funding Analyst

Joel Thornton

Relationship Manager

James Baxter

Funding Administrator

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