Terry Ng

Credit & Relationship Associate

Terry joined Fundsquire in January 2019 as a Credit and Relationship Associate. Coming from a background in insurance and underwriting small business credit, he brings experience, market knowledge and a general excitement for the startup space to the company.

Terry is passionate about the Canadian startup landscape and is driven in his support of entrepreneurs and their journey. Working at Allstate Canada, Aviva, and Wave Financial Inc has given Terry a wide range of experience and exposure to companies in early stages. As a result, his well-developed underwriting, process development, and credit analysis skills have been refined to best serve small and growing businesses. When away from work, Terry love’s spending time with his 11-month-old golden retriever and doing all things sports.

The desire to work for a smaller, more agile company inspired his move from a large insurance company to Wave, and ultimately to Fundsquire. Experiencing the daily challenges of working for a startup has empowered him with the knowledge, passion, and empathy to help SMEs and startups with their funding solutions.

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